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School Rules and Regulations

1. The school uniform is compulsory on all working days.
2. Students must be in school before the Morning Assembly, i.e. 8.40 a.m. Late comers and students who are not in school uniform will be strictly viewed.
3. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work, disobedience, disrespect towards the members of the staff on bad moral influence ji/stify dismissal of pupils from school. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both inside and outside the school campus.
4. Mid term and terminal Examination will be conducted regularly. Absentees for the examinations will not be Re-examined.
5. Students should maintain silence during the intervals and lunch break.
6. Students are themselves responsible for the safety of their own books, pencils, tiffin carriers etc.
7. Students are advised not to wear gold ornaments and girl student should avoid flowers.
8. When a student wants to take leave he / she must apply for the period of leave well in advance to the class teacher for day move than day to the principal. Theleave application must be signed only by the parent and will be counter signed by the class teacher, then the class teacher should forward the same to the  principal.
9. In case of leave exceeding 5 days on account sickness the application must be accompained by a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner and  the student will only be allowed to rejoin the class after recovery, provided his / her fitness to that effect is attested by such a Registered Medical Practitioner.
10. In case a student remains absent continuously for 10 days without prior information his / her name will be struck off from the roll.
11. In case of emergencies, the leave letter may be sent to the school tan the first day of absence of the child.
12. Children suffering from infectious diseases must necessarily stay away from classes.
13. Students are strongly discouraged from absenting themselves on the re-opening day.
14. Parents who wish to speak to the class teacher regarding the progress of their ward, shall do so only after class hours.
15. The class room must be kept clean and tidy. All the waste paper, wrapper, etc. must be thrown into the waste paper basket.
16. If a student fails twice in the same class he/she will be discontinued in his/her studies from the school.
17. All complaints are to be brought to the notice of the Principal through the respective class teachers.
18. Students are not allowed to bring cell phones inside the campus.

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